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About Us

The slag melting furnaces that were used before this, were not efficient to melting the slag and injecting it to production line completely. Considering this problem, the company manager –Mr. asghar chelleie- decided to improve these furnaces system and promote the quality of products.
After study, investigation and perseverance, he successfully made the new generation of these furnaces that the fossil potentials are used in them instead of electric power. This cause to produce high quality fibers with more longevity in insulate industry.


The Iran slag wool company is one of the biggest and high techs producers of thermal-acoustic insulates in Iran. The manager and staff &mnsdm& s purpose is to improve the quality of products and achieve customer &mnsdm& s satisfaction inside and outside the country.
To achieve this goal the company has maintained some rules and the manager and stuff are bound to obey them:
-priority of quality in all products of company
-Education of stuff as well as company development
-Maintain the system of guaranteeing the quality and improve it constantly in all the company activities.
-Gain the customers, satisfaction and produce the products based on their demands
-Control the quality and supervise all stages of production
-Use of resources and equipments( man power, equipments, raw materials and skilled experts ) based on production policy with desirable quality
-Study the problems and amendment and prevental actions to resolve them.